Breast cancer as a chronic disease – Professor Debbie Fenlon, Professor of Nursing, Swansea University

Imaging metastatic disease/PET – Professor Iain Lyburn, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHSFT

This talk will cover:

• Functional imaging with a glucose analogue; uptake is related to metabolic activity which is variable in breast cancer.
• Extra axillary nodes and systemic disease in locally advanced breast cancer.
• Utility in chronic breast cancer management in detecting multisite metastatic disease and treatment monitoring.

Professor Iain Lyburn is a Consultant Radiologist at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust/Cobalt Medical Charity, Cheltenham, with an interest in Oncologic and Functional Imaging.

Pathology of primary and recurrent/metastatic tumours – informing the decision to rebiopsy – Dr Rahul Deb, Consultant Histopathologist & Breast MDT Lead, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

Oncologist’s view – how to broach bad news regarding secondary breast cancer – Dr Muireann Kelleher, Oncologist, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust