Past Events

The 18th Symposium took place at the ACC in Liverpool between the 35 July 2016. The event was well attended with over 514 paying delegates, representing nineteen countries, including Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. In addition, there were around 100 exhibitors, speakers and committee members. The Conference was complemented by a series of technical workshops and Posters (over eighty presented). The meeting was also supported by the Association of Breast Clinicians and the National Co-ordinating Centre for the Physics of Mammography. The outline programme of the meeting may be viewed at

sympmamm-2016-programme-final  and the Abstracts are published by the British Institute of Radiology and are available here:


Some of the Speakers presentations are available at 2016 Speakers slides under Resources.

Symposium Mammographicum has been running scientific conferences and technical exhibitions for over thirty years. Listed below are the dates and locations of the previous events, together with a link to click to see the Programme.







Symposium Mammographicum has records of all of the conference programmes from 1979, copies of which can be provided on request from the Secretary at