UKIBCS     – The UK Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium 

Dr Audrey Tucker

It is with great regret and sadness to note the passing of Dr Audrey Tucker on the 30 May. Audrey was a founding member of Symposium Mammographicum and was instrumental in forming a group of radiologists to host conferences on breast imaging in the late 1970s. Her work as a breast radiologist and vision made her major contributor to medicine in the UK. After her retirement, Audrey continued to support Symposium Mammographicum. Her funeral took place at St Bartholomew-the-Less on 2 July, attended by friends and supporters of Symposium Mammographicum who heard poignant yet uplifting accounts of her medical career and contribution to medicine as well as her personal life. Audrey had expressed a wish that donations to Symposium Mammographicum be given rather than giving flowers at the service. The Trustees are extremely grateful to the generosity to friends and supporters for their contributions.

Society of Trainee Radiologists – Conference May 2019

Committee members and Trustees supported the SRT Cardiff which took place on the 16 and 17 May 2019 by holding Breast Biopsy Workshops. This is the second year Symposium Mammographicum has supported the SRT with regard to staging workshops, building on the results of this extra dimension to their conference last year.

Regrettably, plans to support the 2020 conference have been scuppered by the Covid-19 pandemic. we are looking forward to support future events when events can be hosted face to face rather than in an online capacity.

Dr Sarah Vinnicombe demonstrating ultrasound on a breast phantom
Ms Zebby Rees, Dr Michael Michell and Ms Sue Garnett supporting the biopsy workshop
Dr Michael Michell explaining the biopsy procedure to a delegate

Organising Committee Vacancies –  now filled!

The Organising Committee met in the summer of 2021 to start planning an innovative and inclusive programme. Following an advertising campaign in May / June 2021, Trustees were very pleased with the interest expressed from a range of people asking to be considered to join the Committee. In turn two appointments were made – details of whom are included in the Organising Committee members list at