Publications and Events

Abstracts and Poster papers of the conferences from the year 2000 are available from the links below:

Symposium Mammographicum meeting abstracts were published in in the British Institute of Radiology’s Journal, the British Journal of Radiology in the following years:

Symposium Mammographicum meeting abstracts were published in Breast Cancer Research in the following years:

Past Conference Programmes

Symposium Mammographicum has been running scientific conferences and technical exhibitions for forty years. Listed below are the dates and locations of the previous events; for further details (a scanned copy of the programme) please contact the secretary at


The next Conference and Technical Exhibition is scheduled to take place on 21 to 23 June 2023 at the Scottish Event Centre, Glasgow; details of which will be published nearer the date of the event

Events by other organisations

The Association of Breast Clinicians

The British Society of Breast Radiology

Cambridge Conference

The Association of Breast Surgery


 The Royal College of Radiologists

The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Research (EIBIR)