Charity number: 291982

Supporters’ Scheme Proposal

Long term supporters of Symposium Mammographicum will no-doubt already be more than aware of the important work that the Charity carries out in organising and promoting the biennial symposia for radiologists and radiographers and other health professionals specialising in breast disease. 

The symposium offers a respected and prominent forum for the dissemination of training and new and improved methods and techniques for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. Additionally, the charity offers bursaries to UK radiologists and radiographers to undertake associated research in the field, and grants bursaries to overseas radiographers to attend the biennial symposium.

The Covid epidemic is continuing to pose a significant challenge for people from all walks of life – business and also the wider charitable sector. For Symposium Mammographicum, the main effect of the epidemic has been to force a move to the provision of online symposiums to allow us to continue to promote the work of the Charity whilst the outlook remained so uncertain. “Digital” symposia have been a resounding success in that regard, but the Charity has unfortunately faced increased costs in staging these events. Additionally, charitable fundraising drawn from corporate sponsorship that would usually take place at in person events has fallen dramatically – which has had a detrimental effect on the overall finances of the Charity.

Given the challenging environment, the trustees of the Charity have looked to exploit efficiencies and reduce the costs of staging events where possible but ultimately the long-term financial strength of the Charity will be affected should no action be taken. 

With that in mind, we are looking to develop and deepen our relationships with existing stakeholders and supporters to raise funds to allow us to plan for the long term future of the Charity. So, if you are in a position to do so, please do consider supporting the Charity.

How can I support the charity? By making a donation to us to support our ongoing work via our Just Giving or PayPal Account

Just Giving

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We gratefully receive contributions and donations no matter how large or small. Donations can be made by individual supporters using the “donate now” feature on our website to make one-off donations, or by setting up a standing order for a regular donation.

Alternatively, please contact us [07709 714669 /] if you would like more information about making a donation or if you would like us to send you standing order or Gift Aid donation forms.

We also welcome any support that can be offered from Corporate supporters of the Charity.

Please contact us [07709 714669 /] if your company would like more information about making a donation to the Charity.

Another way of supporting Symposium Mammographicum in the long term is by leaving a gift to the charity in your Will, of either:

•          a fixed amount of money; or

•          a percentage or share of your residuary estate (that is, the balance of your Estate once all other payments and gifts have been made).

Your solicitor will be happy to explain these options to you in more detail when advising you about your Will.

Of course, we appreciate that you will no-doubt want to look after your loved ones first in your Will. But depending on your circumstances, it may also make financial sense to consider making charitable gifts from your Estate, not only to support your philanthropic objectives but also as there are specific tax reliefs that are available on charitable gifts. Your solicitor will be able to advise you about these reliefs but a summary of how these beneficial reliefs operate is provided here for your information only.

In simple terms inheritance tax is currently paid by UK Estates at a rate of 40% if the Estate is worth more than the “nil-rate band” (currently £325,000). Gifts to charities would, however, not suffer inheritance tax at all.

There is, though, an even more generous relief available that reduces the rate of inheritance tax that would apply to your whole Estate so that it would pay inheritance tax at a lower rate of 36% (rather than 40%). This lower rate of tax is, though, only available if you decide to give away 10% or more of your Estate to charity. Whilst the beneficiaries of your Estate would end up receiving marginally less as a result, the chosen charity or charities benefit significantly, with HMRC missing out the most financially (on the tax that that would otherwise have be paid at the full 40% rate). 

As an example, an £850,000 taxable estate would normally suffer inheritance tax of £210,000 if the full nil-rate band was available. By giving just 10% (£52,500) to charity to secure the lower 36% rate of inheritance tax the total inheritance tax bill falls to £170,100. The net position is that the beneficiaries would only effectively be losing £12,600 from their inheritance (with HMRC not receiving £39,900 of inheritance tax as a result of the application of the lower rate of tax on the Estate).

Supporters who have already included a gift to charity in their Wills may therefore want to review their current Wills to see whether not only the charity but other beneficiaries would inherit more if the charitable gift was increased (to the sum required to secure the lower rate of 36%). 

Additionally, supporters who have not included a charitable gift or have not yet prepared a Will, may be keen to learn that leaving a legacy to charity may not impact on their family’s inheritance by as much as they might initially think.

Either way, if as a result you would like more information about making a donation to the Foundation in this manner under your Will then please do contact us [contact details]. 

Don’t have a Will?

If you do not have a Will and would like to leave a gift to the charity when you die then you have a number of options. Not all will involve you needing to incur significant costs.

For very simple estates, you can use any one of a number or online Will providers to prepare the required documentation to give effect to your wishes.    

For medium and large sized estates which are forecast to suffer inheritance tax we usually recommend you consult with a solicitor to make sure that all the legal formalities of making the tax efficient charitable gift and a valid Will are followed. The cost of instructing the solicitor will vary depending on the complexity of your affairs and your Will.

To find a solicitor near to you, you can search the Law Society’s official directory at Additionally, a number of solicitors participate in Will Aid each November. Instead of paying a fee, you will be asked to make a voluntary donation to charity.

Wording for Wills and Codicils

If you’d like to include a gift to us in your will, simply ask your solicitor or Will writer to insert the following clause:

  • I give [specified amount] to SYMPOSIUM MAMMOGRAPHICUM of 20 Heene Road, Enfield EN2 0QG (registered charity number 291982) absolutely for its general charitable purposes.
  • I give [__% of the residue] of my estate to SYMPOSIUM MAMMOGRAPHICUM of 20 Heene Road, Enfield EN2 0QG (registered charity number 291982) absolutely for its general charitable purposes.

Your solicitor will need to advise you on the specific wording required to ensure that your Estate secures the lower rate of 36% if you wish to give away 10% or more of your Estate to the Charity.

Thank you very much for considering this information and for your interest in Symposium Mammographicum.