The following information is required:

  • Your qualifications
  • Where and when you qualified
  • Current post
  • A full description of the mammographic equipment used in your department
  • The number of staff practising mammography within your department
  • Relevant experience already gained
  • What specific experience you seek to gain
  • Why you are applying for this particular bursary
  • How you will use this experience on your return to your department
  • What value will this be to yourself?
  • What value will it be to your patients?
  • What value will it be to your colleagues?
  • What type or organisation is providing the service?
  • What proportion of costs have you already been able to raise from other sources?
  • Are you being sponsored by your current employer?


  • Successful applicants attending the conference must be able to speak and understand English as interpreters will not be permitted.
  • Failure to provide all the required information may be detrimental to this application.
  • Please provide a letter of endorsement from your present employer, head of department or other senior professional confirming that they support your application for a bursary.

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