Update from CRAG – Ms Sue Williams, Consultant Radiographer in Breast Imaging, Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

This talk will:
• To evaluate the efficacy of male breast ultrasound.
• Demonstrate when ultrasound might be useful in men.
• Show areas for improving patient pathways.

Sue Williams has been a consultant radiographer for 13 years and is currently the chair of the consultant radiographer advisory group. She is a specialist in breast care and is keen to promote the potential of radiographers in improving service provision as a solution to some of the current healthcare challenges. She loves the outdoors and is currently training for a half Ironman.

Arbitration issues – Ms Lisa Hackney, Consultant Radiographer, Macclesfield District General Hospital

This talk will cover:
• Service variation in all elements of reporting and arbitration practices, in particular prevalent recall rates.
• Strategies that may improve patient outcomes include (i) access to expertise and technologies (AI), (ii) improved education and peer learning, and (iii) innovative models of service delivery.
• Artificial Intelligence could potentially tackle some of the current challenges in breast screening, including capacity issues/workforce planning, increased efficiency, improved accuracy and advanced detection of early cancers. Further research is needed on optimising human/AI decision-making

Lisa Hackney was appointed as a Consultant Radiographer in Breast Imaging at the University Hospital of North Midlands in 2008 with an MHSc in Breast Imaging (2007). Following an NIHR award, a Master of Science by Research in Clinical Practice was undertaken in 2016. Lisa Hackney has subsequently commenced a PhD funded by Coventry University while undertaking a Consultant Radiographer role at Macclesfield District General Hospital. She is a member of the Consultant Radiographer Advisory Group. Lisa Hackney was the author/co-author of two chapters in Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach (2015) and has worked on various other collaborative projects which have resulted in journal publications. Additionally, Lisa has spoken at various research seminars and delivered lectures on postgraduate breast imaging modules and contributed to medical student training at Keele University.

Do we need accreditation? – Ms Linda Deane, Breast Imaging Consultant Radiographer, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital

This talk will cover:
• Reaffirm voluntary accreditation objectives.
• Understand the value from achieving voluntary accreditation.
• Evaluate the barriers from applying for voluntary accreditation.
• Future directions.

Director of Screening – Mrs Kathryn Taylor, Director of Breast Screening and Consultant Radiographer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This talk will cover:
• Requirements of a Director of Screening (DoS).
• Recruitment pathway for radiographers as DoS.
• Experiences of radiographers as DoS.