Getting the most from your online experience

Today, an online conference offers you every opportunity to learn as much as you would in person – often with the added benefit of being able to revisit the material at your leisure. As with a physical conference, what you get out depends on what you put in. Take a look at our quick guide to help you make the most of Symposium Mammographicum 2021 Online and come prepared to engage, interact, and immerse yourself in the digital conference world.


  • Take time to fully research the programme ahead of the conference.
  • Identify sessions you want to attend live.
  • Block time in your calendar and set reminders. Even with the best intentions it is easy for time to disappear and online sessions to be missed. Unlike a physical event, you are not reminded of the beginning of a session by crowds of people heading towards the door!
  • Participate and join in the social media conversation using #sympmamm2021. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


This is absolutely crucial. The online platform is our conference centre, you would not leave directions and travel to the last minute – treat this in the same way! The first joining instructions will be sent on 4 February and we advise you to follow the instructions for logging in before the conference.

  • Test your audio.
  • Test your WiFi.
  • Where possible minimise other users in the house streaming as this may affect your connection and speed.
  • Use a laptop or desktop rather than your mobile or tablet for a much better experience. You can even stream to your TV for a greater viewing experience!


  • Act as if you were at a physical conference – minimise interruptions and make this dedicated ‘conference’ time.
  • Be an active participant. Introduce yourself in the chat at the beginning of sessions.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The speakers are keen to interact with you. Asking questions helps create an online community and you never know if your question will be helpful to other participants, as well as yourself.
  • Attend the virtual conference with a colleague. Plan breaks together, visit the posters and attend social sessions together. You’ll be in the same place, at the same time and can chat online.
  • Make the most of additional content – take time to explore the sponsors’ material and attend their sessions.
  • Take time to browse the posters, chat with presenters, leave comments and interact with your peers.

Take breaks

  • Get up, walk around, stretch, and take a break, just as you would at a physical conference. Return refreshed and ready for your sessions.
  • Take a break when the broadcast does and network in the chat box as you normally would while drinking coffee or eating your lunch.
  • Attend the yoga sessions which are programmed at the beginning and end of the days – visit the programme for more details.